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      1.0 Purpose
      The purpose of these rules is to promote fairness for both buyers and sellers and to help prevent fraudulent and illegal activity.

      This forum serves to connect amateur radio members wishing to buy and sell amateur radio gear. There is a separate category for General Merchandise which may be used to list any non-amateur-related merchandise of any kind (except as noted under Prohibited Items below).

      For this document, amateur radio gear is defined as equipment that is used in the regular operation of a station, including radio equipment, antennas, power supplies, cabinets, test equipment, parts, supplies, and literature. One notable exception to this list is computers. Computers and non-RF-specific computer parts (including computer power supplies) are NOT considered amateur radio gear by these rules and therefore must be offered only in the General Merchandise forum. In addition, furniture and household items, consumer electronics (e.g. anything sold at Wal-Mart), vehicles, and real estate, must be listed in the General Merchandise Forum.

      1.1 Seller Eligibility

      The Ham Radio Trader forum is provided as a benefit to our subscribers. All subscriptions regardless of length or level will qualify the member for Swapmeet access.​

      2.0 Prohibited Items

      Prohibited Items that may not be offered for Sale or Trade on this forum include but are not limited to:​
      Any merchandise that is illegal to possess or sell in the United States.
      Radios or amplifiers (most RM Italy etc.) that may not be sold per FCC regulations, i.e. the “banned radios list”.
      Services or other non-tangible goods.
      Commercial sales (see Ham Made Gear, below)
      Weapons and/or firearms.
      Items that are not family-friendly, i.e. no adult material.
      Items that may not be offered in the Ham Radio Gear for Sale section​
      CB Radio Transceivers – however, such gear may be listed under General Merchandise.
      Computers and computer parts and/or non-radio-related peripherals (printers, monitors, etc.)
      CB Radio Amplifiers and/or manufactured amplifiers that are not type accepted by the FCC. Homebrew amps are okay.
      3.0 – Our Role
      We take no fee, percentage, or revenue of any kind that arises from the sale of merchandise between participants.
      We will not be held liable or responsible in any way for any transaction that takes place between the participants of this forum.
      We make no guarantee regarding the identity or the authenticity of any member who posts items for sale.
      We do not provide a satisfaction guarantee of any kind, nor does it offer any warranty on any merchandise sold here.
      We will respond to and cooperate with law enforcement when requested by officials.
      4.0 – Listing Policies
      – Listing Title
      Don’t include the words “For Sale” in your listing title. It’s unnecessary. Don’t include decoration words like “L@@K”, etc. as these will be removed by the moderators.
      Re-listing of Ads
      Your ads will be throttled (removed) if you re-post the same or similar things over and over again. Almost everything on the forum should sell within a week. If your ad has been active for longer than that then it’s a strong signal that something isn’t right (i.e the price or the terms).
      Expiration of Ads
      All ads expire after 30 days and will be removed if unsold.
      Marking Listings as SOLD / CANCELLED
      Sellers are responsible for updating the SOLD and/or CANCELLED tag on their listing. Each listing provides a “Thread Tools” > “Edit Thread” link for editing the SOLD status. Just click the “For Sale” tag and change it to “Sold” or Cancelled”
      Preferred Method of Contact
      Sellers should always state their preferred method of contact in the ad.
      We will not assist shoppers or relay messages in contacting sellers as it is the seller’s responsibility to provide clear contact information.

      Third-Party Sales

      Third-party sales are prohibited. You may not use your account to broker sales for another party. All sales must be made in the first person, by the owner of the gear. Parent/child relationships are not subject to this policy.
      Wrong Category
      If a moderator determines that your merchandise is in the wrong category, he may move it to the correct category. For example, you post a dishwasher under Ham Radio Gear For Sale. The moderator, upon seeing it, moves it to the General Merchandise section. Please don’t attempt to argue the item’s category.
      Excessive Complaints
      If your ad receives numerous complaints from other members, we may, at our sole discretion, remove the ad. Complaints are always kept confidential.
      Quality Ads
      Moderators, may at their discretion, remove any ad that they deem too poorly written to be effective. In other words, if the ad is so poorly written as to preclude any interest, then we might take it down on that basis.
      Forum Hogging
      A Forum Hog is one who posts so many messages that the swapmeet section begins to look like a one-man store. In general, we do not like to see more than 3 consecutive ads by the same person in the section listing. Do note that you may sell any number of different items inside of one ad. Note that this isn’t a hard limit but a guideline. Please don’t test us or you’ll be disappointed.
      eBay Listings
      Listings that exist on other sites, such as eBay, Craigslist,, or elsewhere, may be simultaneously listed on this forum; however, listings must be a complete listing with photos and a description and not merely a link to another site.

      5.0 Ham Made Gear
      Although commercial sales aren’t permitted in the Ham Radio Gear section, recognize the efforts of thousands of small businesses that are just getting started making valuable and useful amateur radio gear but are too small to consider paid advertising. For these groups, we provide a particular Forum of their own called Ham Made Gear. We expect sellers in the HMG section to offer items that they have manufactured and designed themselves. We do not support resellers of any kind in the HMG forum. Representative photos of items for sale are required.

      6.0 Right to Refuse
      We reserve the right to refuse to publish any posting, by any participant, at its sole discretion.

      Updated on April 20, 2021

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