I have been an Extra Class Amateur Radio operator since 1992. Many Hams will know me as AB5JY.  I was very active on HF nets and held ARRL Section positions in the West Texas Section and in Oklahoma using that call before I left Texas for a few years.  I received the vanity call WJ5G in 2014 after we returned. My wife Sally, KB5SJA, obtained her Technician Class license in 1991,  and our son, Chris, formerly KB5SJB, recently took the vanity call, WA5LMK, which was the call of my mentor and best friend Joe Beesinger.

We have enjoyed being a family of Hams during the past 30 years. We have several Hams to thank for getting us involved in ham radio. We moved to Levelland, Tx from Oklahoma and a co-worker decided to buy a new CB for his work truck. He ran into a couple of older Hams at the radio Shack store who talked him into buying a 10-meter radio instead. I followed suit and the two of us traveled to the Midland swap fest a short time later. We arrived too late to take the novice test but I bought an HW-101 and my friend, Gober, bought a Swan.

A day or so after that, I contacted someone a ham in Midland told me to get in touch with Joe Beesinger, who turned out to be WA5LMK, about a Novice Test. He contacted another General Class and the two of them gave Gober and me the Novice test. We both passed and I received the call KB5PLP and Gober received KB5PLO. We both advanced through the Technician and General classes to Advanced Class within a few months.