Well, it’s been a while and there’s a lot going on around the nation that I want to talk about. I hope many of you have noticed that the things the Democrats are trying to do in Washington are the exact same things that happened in Venezuela and Bulgaria and other countries that became socialist nations. The Democrats are doing their best to give the President powers that have always resided in the judicial or legislative branch of the government. At the same time, they are holding open the southern border allowing whoever wants to come in the country to come right on in. And they say that’s not true they say that the border patrol is in fact, capturing illegals as they come across which is correct. But then the border patrol is forced to just turn them loose and allow them to come on in the country. If that’s not a definition of an open border then what is. If you look at just those two things, you can see that the Democrats are giving the president tyrannical powers while at the same time allowing hundreds of thousands of migrants to enter the country illegally knowing that, as has always happened, our nation will grant them immunity and allow them to start voting in the future.

But let’s go back a few years, and look at something that took place during the 2016 election campaigns. Whether or not the FBI and DOJ were ordered to do it or not both agencies used their powers and authorities in an attempt to get one party elected. Hillary Clinton had set up and unsecure, personal email server that she then used for some of her classified emails. This was after being warned twice by the State Department and by the State Department IT service. At the time she did this, there were two other people serving time in prison for using an and unsecure email to send classified information. The FBI claims to have investigated the incident, but the investigation was filled with actions and methods never before used in investigation by the FBI. The FBI interviewed Hillary along with someone else and kept no record of what was said. The FBI allowed Hillary’s attorneys to set the time and place for them to talk to Hillary. Two of the FBI agents working on the case stated in an email that they would do anything they could to keep Donald Trump from winning the election. One FBI agent who was also an attorney later pled guilty to changing information on one of the forms. The Attorney General allowed the director of the FBI to determine whether or not charges would be filed against her. An email note dated two months before showed that that decision had already been made. There were more unusual and error filled events that took place during the investigation. Other things were also going on. I am sure everyone remembers the FBI using the dossier made-up by the Hillary Clinton campaign to fool the F.I.S.A. court into issuing warrants that allowed the FBI to surveil the Trump campaign.

All the illegal and irregular acts by the FBI and DOJ that took place during the 2016 election campaign are just the tip of the iceberg. The Director of the NSA warned Congress in 1985 that the NSA had the ability to listen in to every phone call in America and read every electronic message sent or received by anyone in America. He went on to say that Congress had to be on watch and assure that such power was never released to be used against citizens of our nation. There were incidents when evidence pointed toward the use of that power during the next decade or so but nothing was ever proven. Then on September the eleventh Two Thousand and Eleven everything changed. Because of the terrorist attacks that day the President took actions through Executive Orders that gave the Office of the President powers that allowed him to authorize the NSA to use the abilities the Director had warned Congress should never be used against citizens of the US. The President also used Executive Orders to shut down all airlines and all personal flights all across America. These actions would have been stopped by the courts at any other time but Congress and the courts were just as scared as most of the citizens and so allowed the President to usurp those powers.

Since then it has only become worse. One of the two major Political Parties in the US stood by and watched as riots tore the nation apart after the 2016 election. They also stood by or even supported riots that lasted for weeks on end after Police incidents when a Black man was unintentionally killed. No one in that Party said a word as week after week Black citizens and even children were killed due to Black on Black violence. They only reacted if the Black death involved a Police Officer.  What the people responsible for the violence and riots refuse to acknowledge is that according to all Government agency’s records as well as all Police Records, Black men interact with police several times more than the comparison of numbers of individual Races throughout the US shows Blacks should.  There are many explanations for why this might be but there is no conclusive evidence for any of the theories.

What is evident is that liberals are using the divide between Black and White Americans as well as the divide between Liberals and Conservatives as reasons to push Bills through Congress that are pushing our nation closer and closer to Socialism.  For those of you who disbelieve this, you need to sit back and compare the methods Political groups are using today to the methods used when you were in your twenties.  It does not matter your age now, you will see substantial differences.  The older you are, the larger the difference will be.  You have to be honest with yourself.  If you see the evil being used by many groups in their effort to force people to speak, think, and even act the way they desire, then admit that to yourself even if they are gaining things you believe in.  

Many people fail to understand that allowing any group to bully companies, corporations, even government agencies to give in to them is still bullying and is just as evil as school ground bullies.  If we turn our heads and refuse to speak up then we are, in fact, giving our  approval for their actions.  And isn’t that what is going on with Conservatives right now?  There are less than a hundred Conservative TV and radio talk shows, blogs and websites who are speaking out about what is actually going on.  The viewers, listeners and readers of those personalities number in the tens of millions but where are those people when Conservative actions should be taking place?  When liberals call for boycotts of companies supporting Conservatives, why is it that those tens of millions of Conservative supporters remain silent?  How many of those tens of millions of Conservative supporters have talked to someone other than a family member or a co-worker about what liberals are doing in Washington?  

We are losing the fight, ladies and gentlemen.  Liberals are pushing our nation further and further towards Socialism with every bill they pas and with every word they speak.  Liberals have forced changes upon the citizens of America that twenty years ago would never have been allowed to happen.  i often wonder how my dad and his friends who fought in WW II would think or say about what has been going on during the past fifteen years.  I think they would be ashamed of our generation for what we have allowed to happen.  I am sixty-seven years old.  I am a veteran.  I have voted in every election that has come before me since I was eighteen years old.  I have paid attention to politics since I was in the first grade and helped campaign for John Kennedy.  Yes, I was a Democrat back then.  But President Johnson got me to looking closely at what the two parties were actually doing, not what they were saying they were doing.  By the time I was in High School I was campaigning for Republican candidates.  

My father and many of his friends were diehard Democrats because of feelings of respect and admiration for President Franklin Roosevelt and what he did to bring America out of the depression. Throughout my life I heard many of them question things one or the other political party were doing. The answer usually ran something along the line of “I’ll vote for the Democrat candidate even if he is a one-eyed, ni&&er, Arab.”  But in the early seventies, my dad and I watched the National Conventions and my dad agreed with what the Republicans were saying and wholeheartedly disagreed with the Democrats positions.  He voted Republican for the first time in his forty-five years and I voted for the first time.

So come on, Conservatives. Join with us and tell us how or why you are a Conservative. Tell us what you believe is going on in Washington or where our nation is headed. Get involved in something as small as this and work yourself up to become an active Conservative. We need to all be more active or we soon will not have a chance to speak our minds. Send us a mail if you have an article you would like others to read or just leave a comment on a post. But get involved.