Ham radio is many things to different people.  On the page “What is Ham Radio”, I posted links to a lot of different parts of Ham Radio.  I probably missed more than I posted.   Every Ham has certain parts of ham Radio they enjoy more than others.  Most new Hams are many times overwhelmed by all the different aspects of being a Ham.  I mentioned before that I was very lucky to meet WA5LMK as the first Ham I got to know.  He stepped in as a mentor to me and showed me, not only, all the aspects of ham radio but also how to participate correctly in Ham activities.  I was very lucky to have become a Ham in Levelland Texas.  There was a very active repeater there that the club had had up for years.  The repeater was reachable from Brownfield to Littlefield and from Lubbock to the New Mexico state line.  Because of that, the repeater was busy night and day and the everyday users became close friends no matter what town they lived in.

While WA5LMK became my mentor and best friend, many other Hams in Levelland helped me, and other new Hams, learn the ropes and helped us willingly, most times before they were even asked.  Many of the following Hams are now deceased as it has been over 30 years since I met and got to know them.  I am sure there are Hams remaining who knew some or all of these callsigns.  In fact, just a few days ago, a Ham was talking on a repeater here in Abilene mentioned Levelland and a few of the Hams who were regulars on the Levelland repeater.  He and I discussed the fact that there were several farmers that had radios in their tractors and would use the Levelland repeater to talk all day during certain times of the year.  I want to list the Hams whose callsign and name I remember and thank them for their help, mentorship, and friendship to me and to many other Hams they took under their wing and showed how to become Amateur Radio Operators.

WA5LMK – Joe Beesinger

N5QNS – Whitney Owens

KO5I – Will Petree (I knew him as KG5BG)

W5ILF – James Balch

KA5BQG  – Herbie Pickett

KM5RK Gober Pitzer I knew as KI5VN and  KKB5PLO

WB5AEP – Weldon Glenn

KB5QEB – Ricky Allison

N5KOR – Jeb Hood

KB5WTD – Mike Elliot

Each of these Hams and at least a half a dozen more who I just can’t recall more than their first names, went out of their way to help either me or other new Hams who obtained their Ham license during the time I lived in Levelland.  There will be an “In Remembrance” page on the site soon.  Anyone will be able to post a picture if one is available and a short statement of dedication to someone you feel deserves it.  If you have a longer dedication, such as this one, feel free to let me know and we will be sure you have a chance to post your dedication.

73 for now,