Ham Radio is a large part of life for me, my wife, and our son. Ham radio assures us that we are able to stay in touch with each other even though our son and his family live 2800 miles from us. Hopefully, we will instill our love of ham radio in our two grandchildren who will soon turn six. Chris, our son, is a General class Ham and thus, he and I are able to stay in touch via HF a good part of the time. However, with so many repeaters being connected to the internet, we have even more options available now than we have ever had.

I will be posting about our experiences using different modes and bands in the future. I would enjoy reading about your own experiences staying in touch with family and friends using the methods available now. If you feel that you have amore than a comment to share, contact me to become a guest poster.

That’s it for now. Have to get the rest of the site set up and published. Hope to hear you on the air and look for me during 2021 Field Day.